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We paved our first asphalt pathway in Ottawa at Carleton University in 2015. We spent about 4 years doing consistent asphalt, repair, installation work at that particular location (Carleton University 2015-2018). Other related work includes concrete repair, some coloured concrete, interlock, asphalt overlays for safety.

Asphalt paving and hot asphalt road repairs at the Carleton University:

Paving Ottawa

  • Commercial / residential paving and excavation services available.

    Residential customers always seem far more knowledgeable about interlock installations than paving. An absolute agreement among all paving and hardscape contractors is that the base is extremely important. Equally important is the thickness and density of material being used on the surface. Large paving companies like Permacon rate pavers and slabs for their appropriate applications.

    What factors into the strength of a paver used for a driveway or vehicle application is its aspect ratio; size and depth of surface material.

    Good interlock paving and asphalt thickens for vehicle applications are at least 2.5 inch. Asphalt is more malable than concrete, meaning that it has some Bend in it before it breaks.

    Heavier vehicle applications need thicker asphalt.

    There is no shortage of Paving Contractors in Ottawa, and the Asphalt all comes from two suppliers. It's far more important to spend the money on the correct application of asphalt installation than to need to repair or repave your driveway, parking lot, other in 5 years.

    Paving contractors want to keep prices low to satisfy customers.

    Asphalt installations can always be made thicker, given correct compaction.

    $3,000 minimum - Neighbouring properties may share cost minimum. Peel and Pave for existing driveways.

    An Asphalt repair overlay is a thin layer of asphalt glued to a concrete, interlock other surface to improve safety, allowing for better drainage or removing a hazzard.

    Complete Asphalt overlays can be done on existing asphalt if the asphalt drains correctly or the surface is milled and sufficient subbase or asphalt is left to install on top of. Inadequate subbase will result in asphalt deficencies.

    We do not offer asphalt milling services.

    Commercial parking lots are warrantied for repair as long as we do your snow removal and asphalt is installed by us or subcontractor.

    Residential asphalt is warrantied for up to 10 years with two sealings.

  • Project and site management

    Marking asphalt and concrete deficencies (potholes, broken sidewalks) with orange paint is risk mitigation and is considered a marked hazzard. It is time to repave when asphalt defencies and marked hazzards become the most noticeable feature of your parking lot.

    Insurred and reputable. Work sites assumed liability for on going construction.

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